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Save time in the garden and let the
Foodcube do all the hard work for you

Innovators in Urban farming using self watering technology.


The built-in passive aeration system unique to Foodcube, provides two air-posts in diagonal corners of each unit to allow oxygen to exchange to the roots below the removable tray to minimise root rot and let trapped hot air escape to prevent overheating.

Foodcube is a world-leading advanced wicking bed designed to suit the harsh Australian climate and keep your plants alive for long periods with it’s huge water holding capacity and wicking cones.

Built to last with 10 years of UV stabilisation added, the Foodcube is a long lasting product with outdoor usage in mind.

Made from 80% recycled, food grade plastic, the Foodcube is a circular economy product that re-purposes offcut material from the confectionary industry and turns it into a vegetable growing factory.

Call Mat on 0488 313 969 for full range details, a brochure or samples... or send him your

project details for a cost estimate via email

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