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Even if you scratch it, you won't have to paint!

The colour goes all the way through*.

The materials will last for decades. The style is up to you.

fence final2.jpg
fence final3.jpg
fence final4.jpg
white grey fence sm.jpg
fence final5.jpg

Café barriers, picket fences, post and rail fences, and bollard fences in dozens of styles.

Add rails, chains, planks, pickets… whatever you like,

to create the effect you’re after.

No rotting, splitting or cracking

No fungus or mould

No pests and termites

Stain Resistance

No need to oil or paint

Up to 95% recycled materials

UV protection

Metal or Plastic posts available

Value for money

Up to 25 year Warranty

Long life

Call Mat on 0488 313 969 for full range details, a brochure or samples... or send him your

project details for a cost estimate via email

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