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You don't have time to paint, clean or repair it!

You won't have to!

By the time you need to replace it, you'll be retired.

table green final.jpg
exercise grey sm.jpg
bollards grey.jpg
outdoor final.jpg
curved benshes.jpg
planter wide.jpg
blue bench final.jpg
final seat.jpg
final seat 5.jpg
final seat 3.jpg
final seat 1.jpg
final seat 2.jpg

Benches, garden beds, planter pots, storage, design features, playground equipment.

Just about anything you can think of can be built from recycled timber alternatives.

Actually, it’s more than a timber alternative. It’s a steel alternative, timber alternative, and an environmentally responsible alternative to new plastic.

No rotting, splitting or cracking

No fungus or mould

No pests and termites

Stain Resistance


Scratch Resistance

Long life

95% recycled materials

UV protection

No need to oil or paint

Extremely low maintenance

Value for money

10 year Warranty

Call Mat on 0488 313 969 for full range details, a brochure or samples... or send him your

project details for a cost estimate via email

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