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Your children will still be walking on it

when they have grandchildren

Lightweight. Stronger than steel. Made to last 40 years or more!

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enduro deck sm.jpg
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endura bridge1.jpg
enduro path1.jpg

An ethical alternative to timber

Sturdy and long lasting

Virtually maintenance free

Will not corrode in salt water

Moisture resistant

Resistant to termites

An Australian made recycled plastic decking that is the perfect construction material

for decks, footpaths, bridges, beach access paths and jetties.

Designed to last more than 40 years

Excellent slip resistance

Standard and custom lengths 

Contains no timber or steel

Easy to install and transport

Lightweight – saves on transport

Grey or Brown variants

Fire Resistant option available*

Endurogrip option available*

Water will not penetrate

1.2m, 1.8m, 3.6m or uncut lengths

*at time of manufacture

Call Mat on 0488 313 969 for full range details, a brochure or samples... or send him your

project details for a cost estimate via email

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