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  • Mathew Philpott

Out of the office but on the job.

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

REPLAS has been sold.

I bought it:)

I’m out of the office... forever!

But I’m still at work.

Same Ute

Same Brands

Same products... and more coming.

Same (mostly) friendly face... mine! :)

Same phone number

Same email.

Only the payment details have changed. It will be on the new invoices.

Oh... and the office is closed of course. Sold in fact.

We don’t need it and it will help keep prices down.

The new office is wherever you want it to be.

I’ll come to you... if we can’t get the job done by phone or email.

I’ll be continuing to represent the same companies

Replas, Trex, NewTechWood, DesignFlow, Biofilta

with some exciting new products to talk about soon!

If you’re thinking timber... there’s an attractive alternative that won’t break your bank or your back with ongoing maintenance and maintenance costs.

Who needs timber anyway?

Call me, Mathew Philpott on 0488 313 969

or email

You can help save the planet and I can help you

save years of maintenance.

See more at

Apologies to those of you who don't wish to receive our messages.

Having bought the business, we've been unable to update subscriber files.

Feel free to unsubscribe if you aren't interested in innovations that will help us save the planet while saving you maintenance and costs :)

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